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The State of the Studio

16 Dec

There have been a lot of changes at the studio since last year.

Andrew Wilson and I are the only renters still here from Spring 2011 when I moved in.


Andrew did the album cover for Kontravoid. I just looked him up, and apparently he’s sort of famous, which was news to me, but it’s good, since it really is a great album, you should buy it.


Goodbye and good luck to awesome artists and dudes Patrick KrzyzanowskiAndrew Remington Bailey,  and Jamilya Lowe  who left this great piece behind.


Also as of this month my friend Nicholas Di Genova is moving out  to a private studio.

bye nick

Could it be the smell? Our studio really does often smell terrible since we’re right next to Toronto’s only still-functioning abattoir. There’s a whole lot of dying going on ’round here.

tube of dead pig

I’ve made a lot of improvements to my space too. At this point it’s functioning like a sort of second apartment. After years of living abroad in Italy and the UK, being able to settle into a place has brought out this very nookish part of my personality I didn’t know existed:

Drafting table

It's got 2 floors!

This little painting is by Dana Holst, who presently has a show up at Katharine Mulherin’s. Go see it, I like her stuff.


Every day at sunset, light bounces off a mirror onto the wall in front of me.


Fish in the jungle.

Jungle Fish

My old pal from my undergraduate days Hazel Eckert moved in with us too, it’s great to have her around- Both of us drink too much coffee, so the studio usually has a pot on the go these days.


Hazel's Work