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Project Update

23 Feb
Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a Liar
I’m developing a follow-up  series of etchings to my 2007 narrative etching project Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went into the Dryer.
This project is called Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a Liar. It’s a story about a mind turning in against itself.
I actually finished the story for this back in 2008, but it ended up on hiatus until 2011 while I taught with London Drawing, curated some shows and worked on a commission for the Archive of Modern Conflict.
Like many contemporary artists working with the figure, I share a preoccupation with depicting notions of body-mind duality. There are lots of academic go-to books on this subject, (Sontag, Scarry, Foster, Eco) and like any diligent nerd, I read them all. Then I drew some pictures:
cast as sprites
boob monster!
the case of the developing plot
Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a LIar study 15
As I got closer to beginning work on the series proper I began doing these animation style drawings to improve my abilities in drawing consistently from imagination. Doing rotations of a character makes you realize how unresolved imagination is- you discover that you have no idea what your character’s head looks like from behind.
Minmei Expressions Study Page 5
Minmei rotation
many moods of minmei
Animators and comic book illustrators in my audience please don’t be too critical!  I studied painting and large-scale tonal stuff when I was an undergraduate, and MFA’s are all reading and talking, so all of these skills are new for me.
Hey look! Here I am as a junior woodchuck about ten years ago, drawing life-sized nudes in charcoal. Oh, to be young again…
With the narrative of the story established, I did some some more fully rendered drawings.
minmei hair
sketchbook frontispiece
Study for chapter 6
The final stage before beginning the twenty etchings themselves were these little character studies. After being away from etching from 2007-2011 I needed to get my etching legs back.
A lot of the series is set in the woods, so  I experimented with flashlight effects.
Frontispiece and some cast portraits.
Monkey and Retard
study for chapter 9
Study for Chapter 6
I’ve got the first quarter of the series done now, I’ll be posting new work when I’ve got some good proofs ready.  Fifteen more to go!

Herr Naf

12 Feb

My good buddy Gideon Naf just printed me up some posh old-fashioned letterpress bizness cards. The kind on the thick stock, where you see the heavy lead imprint on the reverse. They are a thing of beauty.

you know what time it is

He’s got this great blog where he just breaks down his process step by step, so if you’re interested in seeing exactly how to make a woodcut, letterpress or etching- just click here.

Also, get him to print you up some suave cards to impress people with, everyone’s doing it!


This is the copper for the new series. Copper is incredibly dense, so even a pile this size weighs a surprising amount- as in, you can’t expect to carry more than ten sheets very far. This feels appropriate given the crazy amounts of labour that’s going into these things.


The True North Press in all it’s Glory.



Wear nitrile gloves at all times when dealing with acid.





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