Herr Naf

12 Feb

My good buddy Gideon Naf just printed me up some posh old-fashioned letterpress bizness cards. The kind on the thick stock, where you see the heavy lead imprint on the reverse. They are a thing of beauty.

you know what time it is

He’s got this great blog where he just breaks down his process step by step, so if you’re interested in seeing exactly how to make a woodcut, letterpress or etching- just click here.

Also, get him to print you up some suave cards to impress people with, everyone’s doing it!


This is the copper for the new series. Copper is incredibly dense, so even a pile this size weighs a surprising amount- as in, you can’t expect to carry more than ten sheets very far. This feels appropriate given the crazy amounts of labour that’s going into these things.


The True North Press in all it’s Glory.



Wear nitrile gloves at all times when dealing with acid.





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