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30 Apr

I just returned from a trip to Montreal with some artist friends to coincide with Papier 14. There was a lot of strong work, and a concise grouping of galleries and some good speakers created an exciting fair. 

Not Staying

Meaghan Tristram Wil Luke Tyler Tom

We were able to catch the tail end of the Peter Doig exhibition at Musee des Beaux Arts. How could you not love his work? 


Also great, but less universally loved,  are the Chapman Brothers who currently have an enormous retrospective up at DHC’s new space. I’ve always been a fan of their work as well. When people object on moral grounds, I think of a line from John Fowles “Only the pompous fool could let himself be caught on such obvious horns.”  And there is so much to enjoy on a formal level alone, to say nothing about their inventiveness, ambition and showmanship. 

Jake and Dinos Chapman The Sum of all Evil 2012-2013 (medium res)_0

Between Arsenale/Division and DHC Montreal’s art scene is doing really well for itself in terms of private collectors taking it on the chin in order to showcase their collections to the public and raise the level of ambition in the city. It was great to see.