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Where I’m at in summer 2014

5 Aug

It’s tricky to provide good studio updates without showing too many in-process snaps of the new work. After three years of drawing this project I’m really not keen to spoil the impact of showing the new work for the first time where it will be seen on an iphone or whatever- so I’m holding back until the show is up. In the meanwhile; here’s my studio:

look upon ye works and tremble

This here’s my good right hand. I wear these cotton gloves while I draw because ordinary hand oil can seep into the lines I’m drawing on the metal plate, and the oil acts as a mildly acid resistant barrier when I’m using acid to bite lines into my etching plates. That wouldn’t do at all.

Dryer Chapter 3

In advance of the release of  part two in the series, “Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a Liar” I’m in the process of reprinting and revising the first “Minmei” series, “Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went into the Dryer”. My excellent friend and printer Laine Groeneweg at Smoke Stack studios is doing the editioning this time around, and they’ve never looked better! I’ll post some shots of the revised edition shortly.

This is Laine

Picture 2

This is Laine working. Working hard. Like a Man.

Picture 1


Picture 3

To the victor goes the spoils


Sometimes when I go visit my Dad I wear clothes that I left at his house when I moved out. Stuff like Pearl Jam t-shirts from highschool. They still all fit because I got them in the early 90’s when the style was grunge and really baggy. The feeling of drawing on the old plates feels pretty much the same as wearing those clothes. It’s  familiar and recognizably still me, but really distant! This sketchbook drawing is from 2007 and I don’t even know how to draw like this anymore- it almost feels like I’m drawing on somebody else’s work.

Dryer Chapter 3 Revised

This one’s looking better now. Almost done!

My boss

And here is the reason why I’ll hardly ever see my friends until next spring… I still have a crazy amount of work to get done before show time! On that note, back to work.